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Building an online presence across multiple platforms

Building an online presence across multiple platforms is essential for growing a brand online. Still, one word you need to keep in mind going into 2022 is balance — keep that in mind when making decisions for your businesses.

Some businesses choose only one platform and go all in, while others try to be active in every platform possible, but if we are honest, none of those options might be the best without a strategy.

In some cases, businesses only use social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook and forget that having a well-rounded online presence might include having a website or being on google business; everything depends on the brand's product/service and goals.

But today, we'll dive into how the elements dictate how to choose the proper platforms for your business.

  • Who is your audience? When selecting platforms for your business, your audience is the most crucial factor. You need to ask yourself one question. Where are they? If you can figure out which platforms your audience is spending the most time on. This will help you narrow down which platforms are best for you to spend your time on.

  • What are your goals as a brand? Your audience is the most important factor, but it is necessary to understand what kind of business your brand is, so it makes sense with the scheme of the platform. Ask yourself, what products/services do I offer? What's my brand's personality? And what is my goal as a brand? This will help you discard if a platform is too business or too lighthearted to be in.

  • What's the competitive landscape looking like? We recommend you not to focus too much on your competitors, but it is always good to have a look at what they are doing, and if it's working, maybe they can avoid you working on a platform that's not attractive for your audience.

Want more details about how to balance a multi-platform online strategy? Contact us here. We can have a 30-minute call and discuss your needs.

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