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Helping your business thrive for 2022

2022 is around the corner, and after two years of adapting to the global pandemic's new situations in the business world, we now understand and adapt more aspects of the digital world to simple daily tasks.

If we are honest, the pandemic didn't change much of Odin Lab's dynamic because we have always been a remote-work company. Still, we started noticing that more companies began to reach out for help with their business, especially in subjects like software development.

So now that 2022 is close, we want to give you some advice to consider for this new year.

First of all, focus on building a brand. We've had people approaching Odin Labs asking us to develop a logo, and that's great! Having a logo is important in a brand, but that's not all; if you only focus on the graphic and visual aspects, your business is going to have a weak message and lack of consistency, and that's going to be even more noticeable if you are present on social media.

So our advice is aim to build a brand and consider these fundamental aspects:

  • Vision

  • Voice

  • Values

  • Visuals

If you need any help developing a brand, book a free consultation with our team.

The second piece of advice we can give is don't try to do everything yourself; if you are a solopreneur or have a small team be honest about your capabilities, and outsource everything that takes you too much time or something that's not within your capabilities.

Outsourcing, in general, has many benefits, it can help save money, and it gives businesses access to skills that it doesn't have. For example, Odin Labs mainly works as an outsource for other software development and marketing; it's always better for our clients to hire us to develop a mobile app, website, social media management, or content creation than hiring an entire team in-house to do it.

As an outsource, we make sure that we have professionals working on the projects and that the streamline of work is always at its best; after all, we have our client's business best interest as a priority.

And our last piece of advice is don't try to do it perfectly. If we learned something from 2020 and 2021 is that even if you want to have everything under control things are unpredictable, so be open to experiment and adjust as many times as needed.

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