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Hello, we are Odin Labs

We're glad you've landed here — it means you're probably interested in revamping your brand or start a new project. If you are not in that mindset yet, stay around and learn about us and how we started this company, and maybe you'll find resources or inspiration to create your own.

Hello, we are Odin Labs, a collaborative team of professionals who provide software development, design, and marketing services for other brands or projects. But, before discussing why we love what we do, we need to start with how Odin Labs was conceived.

While studying together, our Partners realized that they are fantastic talent managers — specifically in the digital design area — and they wanted to create a team of people at the top of their game to provide digital solutions to new brands or companies in need.

While working on how the company was going to be managed, they had a particular mantra in mind "team is vital to achieving greatness," and that's how we got our name, Odin. It remarks the Nordic god of high power, but also Odin Borson has one of the highest strengths in the Marvel Universe — we are really proud of including this geeky fact. These kind of geeky facts are extremely important to us, and it probably gives you a big picture of how we are as individuals. And Labs as a suffix was integrated to demonstrate our experimental and creative side.

We consider ourselves proud coffee drinking geeks that are continually evolving in our areas to provide the best outcomes and have a philosophy of equity and respect for our clients, ourselves, and our work. That's why our motto is "FROM NONE TO ONE," as a team, we craft integral solutions thru services that are essential to any company — software development, design, and marketing — to create for our clients' tools for their business to succeed, building brands "from none to one."


So now that you know what we are all about let's talk about the team.

Odin Labs consist of seven team leaders who range from graphic designers, masters in marketing, software developers, UI designers, and consultants. We work in synergy for every project and value the weight of feedback because our backgrounds are distinct, so every one provides insight from their cultural baggage and expertise. We are also proud of being located in six different cities, which has made us more technology-driven and experimental, even before the pandemic.

So that's a little about our history; we've been working for over three years nonstop, and now we are facing a new stage in Odin Labs where we want to create resources like this blog to give our clients — and non-clients — materials for them to enjoy, learn, share and discuss with us.

We'll be joyful to work with you at any time, so drop your contact if you are interested in a collaboration or quote, and please keep an eye on us through social media.

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