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Odin Labs — Case Study

Odin Labs

This team of digital professionals was about to become a partner with Wix and needed a fresh new brand to move forward with this process.

Not just another digital agency

The team had been operating with the same branding since it was established in 2018, and the last couple of months, the company has grown in personnel, service offerings, and recently they became Wix Partners.

What made them special since the beginning was having competitive prices for high-quality results.

Even before the pandemic, the team worked remotely; this allowed them to hire talent from all over the world. Still, the particularity of Odin Labs is that the managers of each area are closely located and familiar with the circumstances and culture of the target market, facilitating the contextualization of the client's problems and making them more competitive than other foreign digital agencies.


Location: Maryland, USA

Industry: Technology. Smartphone App developers, Web Design Services.

Services Offered: Software Development (Main), Design, Marketing


Our strategy in action

About Odin Labs

Their branding no longer conveys their message and evolution


Gain truer insight into the target visual language and create a distinct brand.


  • Target research, research analysis, and past analytics review.

  • New brand definition

  • Brand development

  • Brand implementation

Key takeaways

Create a differentiated brand. Improve customer experience in digital spaces and increase brand awareness.

Higher target market visibility

By becoming Wix Partners, Odin Labs increased their daily exposure to leads, and their entire ecosystem needed to be updated and homogeneous through every channel. They already had an action plan, but it required a brand strategy to align with those plans and put them into action.

The result

We developed every detail for Odin Labs so that leads can have an engaging and satisfying encounter with the brand since their first approach online.

This project is still a work in progress. The next milestone is modifying the website to improve user experience, showcase the brand personality, and communicate the team's results to other businesses. In the meantime, you can see the transformation on Instagram.


Are you ready to transform and grow? Connect with us and let's do this.

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