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Is there a right time to outsouce social media? 🤓

August 25, 2021

Hello 👋

A few days ago we were having a conversation with a friend who is also a business owner and he asked us "When is the perfect time to outsource my social media?" 🤔

To be honest, the first answer we thought wasn't "as soon as possible".

We know that most businesses don't have the budget to cover agencies or freelancers to manage their social as a priority and we always recommend investing in a solid branding and website first.

But, answering our friend's question here are some points to take into consideration if you feel like you are ready to outsource your social media management:

✨ You are too busy with other parts of your business

✨ You are losing money

✨ Your social media doesn't generate any leads

✨ You don't have the skills to reach your target

✨ You are stuck posting on only one platform

If any of these sound relatable to you 👆 it might be time to start looking — and maybe you don't need to look so far, remember that at Odin Labs we offer marketing services customized to your needs and budget.

Contact us any time to have an intro call with one of our managing partners ➡️

PS. If you are still not ready to have a call yet, check our latest blog "Social media for businesses 101"

Read our blog

Talk soon,

Odin Labs Team ⚡

August 18, 2021

Hello 👋

We wanted to check in to see how you're doing — In case it's been a while, hi, we are Odin Labs⚡ your trusty Software Development, Design, and Marketing agency and welcome to our mailing list.

Every Wednesday you'll see us in your inbox with news, tips, and hacks on the digital world 📲 including how to apply every UI/UX, branding, or social media trend to your business — don't worry you don't need to be an expert to stay current, let us do the work.

Also, we'll be hosting FREE 30-minute consultations each week for our mailing list members, if you are interested please schedule here ➡️

In the 30-minute call, we'll review your project from top to bottom to craft your formula for success using our services. Don't worry if you are not ready yet, consultations are always available for our mailing list members and soon we'll be giving freebies for your business, so don't forget to check your inbox every Wednesday ✨

Talk soon,

Odin Labs Team ⚡

PS. Take a look at this weeks blog ➡️ "Why mailing is a great strategy for small businesses"

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