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Rebranding And Restyling: Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier

2021 has been the year of visual changes. Companies like Facebook, Adobe, BMW, Burger King, and even the CIA have experimented with drastic graphic changes that help the brands provide more value and a better message.

But why did they need to change, and what was the change?

All the brands went under visible changes that we can categorize into rebranding and restyling. The most notable recent change has been the Facebook Company, now Meta.

Facebook is a perfect example of when a company realizes that a name holds you back. The Facebook Company owners of other platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. Having all these different brands under the name of Facebook held them back from creating the metaverse they've been working on for years.


A rebranding goes deep into the brand's essence by evaluating the mission, values, products, services, communication, and other core aspects, such as customer experience and customer service.

The best time to rebrand a company is when:

  • The products of services changed

  • The brand philosophy changed

  • The target audience changed

But sometimes, brands have more superficial changes and do not require rebranding but a restyling. A restyling is a refresh in the graphics of the brand. By restyling, the brand changes or modernizes its logo, packaging, and other visual elements and documents visible to the public.

The best time to restyle a brand is when:

  • The graphic style does not match the company statement

  • The graphic style is low quality compared to the competitors

  • The graphic style is not helping the company communicate with its target audience

So there you have it; now that you know the basic concepts and when is the perfect time to implement these changes, you can evaluate your brand, and if you require any of both, let us know. We'll be happy to help.

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