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Project — Precision: Tesla's Autoglass. | by Odin Labs

Branding and Website by Odin Labs, 2019.

Precision Autoglass Company is a brand located in the Bay Area that specializes in auto glass replacement exclusively for Teslas.

They have over 30 years of experience and are kings in customer service, so when they approached us with the idea of a rebranding and website, we immediately understood the necessity of communicating the fantastic work they do as a brand directly to their customers and future clients.


Being one of the few legitimate Tesla repair glass providers in the US and working with Tesla since its beginning, Precision has perfectioned their craft, providing quality products and services, going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. That’s why we intervened. Before our collaboration, they didn’t have a strong visual image that reflected all the values and hard work they put into each repair. Besides, contacting them was not easy.

We worked on a branding that was a midpoint between Tesla’s image and Precision’s personality, with clean lines, strong iconography, and bold yet sophisticated colors. Plus, a website that told their story and that was extremely functional for their clients to get quotes and reach out.

You can see it live here.

As a team, we have a soft spot for Teslas; even one of our managing partners collaborates with them often. So this project’s development is an excellent reflection of what we like to create as a company and how useful our work is for other companies. Not only we helped them convey their message, but we also built communication bridges between them and their clients. That pretty much is why we created Odin Labs to develop brands and, in this specific case, make their digital being.

They are still running strong and providing top-notch customer service.

Precision Autoglass Company contact

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