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Project — Miranda: real food for your pets.

Miranda is a Mexican company based in Tijuana that offers nutritional solutions for pets.

Not often we see companies like theirs, and if we are sincere, we fell in love with the vision of the project since the beginning, and it's all because of their story.

The brand creators are proud dog parents of Miranda, a small and funny corgi who started developing health problems because of the commercial food that she was consuming. After studying the components of the food available at pet stores and supermarkets, the brand creators decided that to improve Miranda's health, they had to develop natural food recipes to give her health back.


That's how Miranda raw pet foods was born,

and we came in.

The product itself is a hit, but the brand lacked personality and structure, so we provided a branding that was true to its name with a symbol that appealed to the brand's existence.

The wordmark typography is Central, a friendly, easy to read, and minimalistic san serif. Its counterpart being Cresta is only applied in the tagline.

Colors are always a big part of the design, but color has a double meaning for this project. Working hand in hand with color psychology, we develop a vibrant palette that also represented the natural ingredients in the recipes like chicken, salmon, beef, and pork. Plus, we synthesized all the product benefits in a single tag line — it's just real food. raw food —

Odin Labs team did a great job! They provided the attention to detail that we were looking for and helped us communicate all the things that we wanted to say as a company, and many people have given us compliments because of the design!

— Juan Carlos Flores, Director of Operations Miranda Raw Pet Foods

They are currently running over eight recipes of high-quality, naturally dehydrated raw treats for your dog that you can find in stores or order via Instagram. Check their social media for more information.

Miranda Raw Pet Foods

Instagram @mirandarawpetfoods

Facebook @mirandarawpetfoods

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