Is design the backbone for a company with a digital presence?

The short answer is yes, but please let me elaborate more.

Even before the pandemic, companies started to stir towards digital content for promotion, giving these kinds of actions tons of power over sales, consumer perception, and overall brand equity.

And you might wonder; why am I saying that design is essential if all these actions sound like marketing? Because marketing strategies for digital content depend 50% on design — in other words, if you have great design and a solid marketing strategy, your brand will thrive online.

How good design helps my presence online?

1.- Good design helps attract attention to your marketing materials and enhances the message's quality. Also, if you establish a brand identity, look and feel, it affects your clients' psychological state in which you can mold their attitude towards your brand — sounds a little crazy but is all about color theory and shapes.

2.- With so many brands competing online for attention, you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd, and having an exceptional design helps you achieve that.

3.- Design and conversions. Yeah, that's right; as we mentioned before, design affects marketing efforts. Using the right design influences more conversions and attracts customers, overall improving your ROI.

Now that you understand why, for a company living in 2021, design is vital.Here are some considerations you must take to achieve better results.

1.-Look for an expert.

Imagine that your brand is a car. Would you take your vehicle to a doctor if you get a flat tire? Obviously, no. It is the same with design, don't search for people who are not experts because they might not have the knowledge and tools to make it properly and, most important, successfully.

2.- Good design is not made overnight.

This might be an obvious tip, but sometimes we get excited and want a full brand makeover in one day, but the design is based on decisions, and they should be made with research and planning. Many considerations go into a design like targeted research, trends, color theory, and more, so be patient and trust your designer.

3.- The design should satisfy your client.

Design is not an egoist tool. It should reach your target audience's aesthetic expectations and help them understand your visual message; it shouldn't be subject to your own aesthetic or taste — especially if you are not like the ideal client. This is why hiring a designer or team who understands your target with research is so important.

Let us know if you are ready to make the call and work with a great team of designers who not only focus on the visual side of your brand but review your company as a whole to provide you with the best tools and strategies for your success.