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Costumer-centricity: The new normal for businesses

In most businesses, a common goal is to get leads. If we refer to any basic marketing or sales funnel it is necessary to have a large number of leads to mature and filter until they become clients, sounds simple, but, how can you make this happen for your business?

By being a customer-centric business.

What is customer-centricity?

It is placing your customer in the center of everything your business does. It is truly about understanding the customer, anticipating their wants, needs, and communication preferences, creating meaningful experiences, and building lasting relationships with them.

If customers aren't happy, they won't stay with your brand. If you don't have customers, you don't have a business.

We know it is easier said than done; that's why here you have five tips that will help you place your brand as customer-centric.

  • Listen to your customers. The ones that you have right now are probably more than enough to interview or survey. If you have more of a one-on-one business model, ask the problems your sales or reach process has and ask them why they think that to act on it.

  • Customers are part of the solution. People love to be involved in the decision-making; if you want the majority to be happy, ask what they need, think or want from your business directly — bonus tip: take advantage of posting formats like polls or questions.

  • Map your customers' journey. All possible scenarios will help you develop all possible solutions so you'll never have to improvise or lose a customer because you don't know how to handle a situation.

  • Empower and involve your employees. Employees are front-liners. If your employee is committed to the brand's mission, they will do everything in their power to satisfy the customer. Remember to empower your employees to meet the customer needs, not to make decisions for them.

  • Analytics, analytics, analytics. Many companies have social media or websites, and they don't even look or generate analytic reports! Imagine all the answers on why you are not selling or engaging; you'd be happy, right? Well, that's the job of analytics. They provide us with insight into how our content works and how our audience reacts to make future decisions.

Now you know customer-centricity is the way and what considerations to take. If you want us to review your business and craft your formula for digital success, contact us here, or if you just want more tips, tricks, and freebies, for now, subscribe to our newsletter.

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